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    Default input file into array with different parameters

    This is doing my head in.
    I have 2 different formats in a text file that i need to enter into an array
    I am using

    Java Code:
    String line = file.nextLine();
    String[] output = new String[4];
    output = line.split(":");
    One of the constructors has 3 args. The other has 4, so I'm using an if statement to guide the program into which constructor to use.

    Java Code:
    if (output[3] != null) 
    	FirstClassTicket f = new FirstClassTicket(Integer.parseInt(output[0]), output[1], 
    			Integer.parseInt(output[2]), output[3].charAt(0));
    	System.out.printf("%d %s %d %s\n", f.getSeat(), f.getName(), f.getDuration(), f.getWaiter());
    	TrainTicket t = new TrainTicket(Integer.parseInt(output[0]), output[1],
    	System.out.printf("%d %s %d\n", t.getSeat(), t.getName(), t.getDuration());
    I continue to get a ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and I cannot figure out what to do.
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    Default Re: input file into array with different parameters

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