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    Default Simulation network of processors in java

    I must do one more simulation in Java.
    A part of this simulation is allocation new processes in processors dependents of algorithm.
    I think about below logic conception:

    Java Code:
    class Processor
            Queue<Process> queue; // processes come up in concrete moment 
            //(when process.getTime() == time, where time is increments per cycle  )
            Set<Process> running; // running processes on the processor
            Set<Process> waiting; // store processes, which can't add to running, because load on processor > 100%
            int time;
            int load;
                 // decrease timeToLife every processes in running
                         // if process.timeToLife == 0 then the process is delete from running
                  // while(!waiting.isEmpty && this.overload + p.load (p from waiting) < 100)
                  //         move p from waiting to running
                  // p = fetch process from queue (if process.getTime() in queue == time)
                  // The algorithm should randomize other processor pOther (max. k times) 
                  // and send there process p if (pOther.load < threshold) to processor pOther(migration) , else add to this processor
                  // HELP ME HERE with communicate with another processors involve to migration process
                  // if process will run on this processor (above migration is  not succeed) and this.overload + process.overload > 100%      
                  // then process --> waiting, else process --> running
    In my simulation is many objects of Processor.
    I don't know how effectively deliver communication between processors. I want implement this and another(similar) algorithms in class Processor, and I want to avoid looping reference (class a-> b and b->a)

    My English isn't too good, so sorry and thank you for reading this topic.

    Small introduction to the problem is here: (page from 197)
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    Default Re: Simulation network of processors in java

    Don't these distributed systems generally have a host controller than manages to some extent the communication between nodes? Or does this system need to be totally decentralized?

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