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    Default Quick Advice on bad design

    I am reading an array list through an Iterator. There are several displayModes that the user chooses previously (stored in an ArrayList) to decide whether to displayAll or disPlay portions of the screen.

    Java Code:
            ListIterator<String> iterator = myEventsList.listIterator();
    		float triggerTime          = Float.parseFloat(;
            String varA     =;
            String varB     =;
            String varC     =;
            String varD     =;
            ArrayList<String> varE = new ArrayList<String>();
              // all the rest 
            // loop through all chosen display modes
            for(int i=0; i < chosenDisplayMode.size(); i++)
                // no restrictions case - display all
                { return true; }    
                else if(chosenDisplayMode.get(i).equals(DisplayMode.DISPLAY_PART1)) 
                    if(varA.equals("part1")) {return true;}  
                else if(chosenDisplayMode.get(i).equals(DisplayMode.DISPLAY_PART2))
                    if(varA.equals("part2")) {return true;}
                else if(chosenDisplayMode.get(i).equals(DisplayMode.DISPLAY_IF_BOLD))
                    if(varC.equals("BOLD")) {return true;}
                // display static only
                else if(chosenDisplayMode.get(i).equals(DisplayMode.DISPLAY_DYNAMIC))
                    if(varD.equals("DYNAMIC")) {return true;}  

    looks to me a like a lot of if else statements....

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    Default Re: Quick Advice on bad design

    Not knowing about any details, I think the decision should be made by the DisplayMode object.

    kind regards,

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