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    Default Synchronized ArrayList

    Hi All,

    Can anyone kindly tell me how to create a synchronized arraylist? Below mentioned is a line of code that i bumped into some site while searching about how to synchronize an array list'

    List<String> syncList = Collections.synchronizedList(new ArrayList<String>());.

    But when i tried using that code i faced compile time error >>> incompatible types.

    I tried the below code on my own and kindly tell me will it work?

    import java.util.*;

    class AList


    public static void main(String[] agrs)


    ArrayList <String> al = new ArrayList<String>();



    for(String s : al)







    Now is the above code valid

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    Default Re: Synchronized ArrayList

    The return value of the Collections.synchronizedList( ... ) method is a synchronized list, but you're not using it at all.

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