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    Default Basic Java coding help needed

    Hi guys, I'm a college student majoring in Economics.
    I need to do a computer science assignment for indroduction to programming class.
    We learn hexadecimals, IP adress, basic Java coding and stuff.

    I have no intelligence in Java language and requesting a help to coding experts.
    In order to do this assignment, I have to build up my knowledge from ground zero which is impossible to submit on deadline.

    As you can see from the link below, it is very easy assignment for CS major people that you might be able to finish in an hour.

    I am also willing to pay for your work.
    I am so desperate right now, please help me out.
    Send me an email to discuss more.

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    Default Re: Basic Java coding help needed

    Stony Brook eh. Cool to see someone from Long Island. We can't post code for you, but we can help you through the problem. Shows us what you have.

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    Default Re: Basic Java coding help needed

    This is a forum. Ask a specific question and you'll get help.

    We don't condone cheating. Any further offers to pay someone to do your work for you may lead to a ban, and your university may be asked to review this thread with a view to identify you from their server logs.

    I'm closing this thread. If you have a genuine question, please feel free to start another thread. Before that, please go through these linked pages:
    Forum Rules
    How to ask questions the smart way


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