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    Default Node tree with weights


    You are given are a set of nodes that are connected to each other, each connection has a weighted value. Output the node to start from in order to achieve the greatest total weight. Each Node can only be "connected to" once: If the connection from node A to node B is used, no other connections TO node B can be used.
    Multiple branches can also be possible.
    If starting at A, both branches are traversed.

    Given Info:
    Number of nodes
    Node connections with weights

    Sample Input:

    3//number of nodes
    0, 1, 4//node connection with weight
    0, 2, 1
    1, 2, 3
    -1//string to signify end of input

    Sample Output:
    Start at Node A with a total of 7.

    I already have a working program that solves this but I just want to see how others would go about tackling this problem.
    Are there any Objects or libraries in java that I'm not aware of that could make this simple?
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    Default Re: Node tree with weights

    No takers? (Should this go in advanced or something?)

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