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    Default java project

    Hello, I am a new Java learner. I would like to develop one model by using Java.that will be an excel file.

    Would you please help me to write a code to read the data in the following formats:

    1- Open the given file (where executed file)
    Find File
    Check Permissions
    2- Read the file into arrays
    2.1 First deetermine #lines
    2.2 Create 3 array ( names, last names, grades)
    2.3 Read the contect at the file into array
    3- Sort the array write the grades
    4 Complite min, max and average of grades
    5- Print min max varyans and average of grade
    6- Write the sorted arrays back to a new file

    Thank you

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    Default Re: java project

    First show us what you've tried, this isn't a code writing service. This approach will certainly not help you learn Java. And if that's not of interest to you, I suggest you go find someone whom you can pay for your services.

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