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    Exclamation 3 Questions! URGENT!!!

    Please do these for me, I am going through a rough time, currently being investigated by FBI and I was expelled from my school, and I do not want to fail Java, and this is a huge test, and I still have 9 more classes worth of work to do to pass for the year. PLEASE PM me the answers or post em' below. Thanks.

    1) Write a statement to call a method named CheckValue() thatt has two int parameters named firstNum and secondNum.

    2) Write a method declaration for a public class method named calculateAverage() that has double parameters firstNum, secondNum, thirdNum and returns a double value.

    3) Write a productInventory() method that calculatess the total number of products available in four store locations and returns the total. The productInventory() method should contain int store1, store2, store3, and store4 parameters and return an int value.

    Thanks so much everyone.

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    Default Re: 3 Questions! URGENT!!!

    How do you get expelled from school and not your Java class?

    oh and... no one is going to do your homework

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    Default Re: 3 Questions! URGENT!!!

    Here you go

    currently being investigated by FBI
    Did you do it?

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    Default Re: 3 Questions! URGENT!!!

    You're supposedly being investigated and kicked out of school, so you post on a public forum a request for other people to do your homework for you, which is a violation of every code of conduct and academic honesty policy I've ever seen and can lead to... being kicked out of school. Makes total sense.

    Can we ban this guy yet?
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    Default Re: 3 Questions! URGENT!!!

    Bill Nye is banned for a year. Closing this thread and removing the other.

    Bill, if you happen to take this class again next year and are inclined to learn Java, you are welcome to come back here with acceptable questions. We do not condone cheating.


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