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    Unhappy What are classpaths!?

    I just can't seem to understand what a classpath is. Everywhere I look it says it is the location of your JVM, some say the location of your current Java project, some say you must set it via the console (Yet I don't have to set it if I run a Java program), I just can't seem to understand what it is!
    Is it a path to your JVM? Is it a path to the JDK? How can it be a path to your own classes, if you make multiple java projects and simply run them with the "java mainclass" command? And I have also seen some people using them with JAR files to location other libraries and stuff?

    Why is it so complicated, and why can't someone just give me a STRAIGHT ANSWER!

    Please just tell me...
    WHAT is a classpath?

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    Hi Jimm1

    Have a look at the following website this should explain what a classpath is.

    classpath : Java Glossary

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