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    Unhappy My java is not downloading PLEASE HELP

    Hi, my java will not fully download and I need it for my online class, I can not view the video's to teach me the work, very hard. I follow the instructions, save the file, go open it, agree to terms and download. It does show it downloading, then it counts down on the little green bar all the way to 0, but just sits at 0 sec. left and does not move from there. Then finally it said download failed. I don't even know where to start. I did delete the older version from my computer. PLEASE HELP. I am going to fail my class. Is there anyone to call to help?

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    Default Re: My java is not downloading PLEASE HELP

    Where are you downloading the (presumably JDK) from?
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    Default Re: My java is not downloading PLEASE HELP

    Quote Originally Posted by jmatuja View Post
    I did delete the older version from my computer.
    Not a very clever thing to do. On any modern OS, applications need to be uninstalled, not deleted.

    Your question is off topic for these forums, which are for helping people prograooming in the Java language, not for end users of any and every Java software ever created. Try a forum for your OS: Windowns/Linus/MacOS/whatever.

    I'll give you this: if it's Windows, probably your best bet is to try a good registry cleaner and keep your fingers crossed. If that doesn't work, you may have to reinstall Windows.

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