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    Post Scan code in Java

    HI ALL,

    I have writing the own kind of VNC viewer, other than English languages keyboard mapping is not working,so I'm planing to get the scan code from the Java key listener?
    Such that if I'm german keyboard as client and english as host it creates the problem.
    Please guide me to get the scan code from the java key listener or guide me to solve the problem mentioned in some other way.

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    Default Re: Scan code in Java

    Moved from Advanced Java.

    You don't get the keyboard scan code in Java. Read the API for KeyEvent, KeyStroke, KeyListener and if using Swing, the Oracle tutorial on How to Use Key Bindings.

    Any Swing-specific questions that may arise should be posted in the AWT/Swing section. If you're using SWT/JFace, there's a separate section for those too.

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