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    Default Programming in Java related to batch file processing related to wireshark

    Hello professionals. I'm using wireshark and java to code.

    These are what i intend to do when i want to program in Java.
    1. capturing packet data live using wireshark's tshark command from the windows batch file using Java.
    2. The windows batch file will run java file that process the single txt file just rolled while live capturing is still going on to another txt file in a multitasking manner.
    3. Once after the java file has finished executing its codes, wait for more packet data to be captured to the other txt file to its limit then run the same java files again.

    To wrap up the overall idea,
    I would like to make a java file that runs a batch file that executes a wireshark's tshark command on windows command line interface :" tshark -i your_interface -n | your_program " that PIPES the output from tshark to java program(a java file). then the java file processes the piped output from tshark. I used java.util.Logging to process the data and this step i used Filehandler to write log data to log file. That means there are "2" processes running at the same time. Is that right?

    Does this situation involve the use of Java threads? semaphores etc..?

    What are the things i do need to take note of when i code ?

    What is the recommended way of doing this? i just want a guideline and an overview of doing this.
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    Default Re: Programming in Java related to batch file processing related to wireshark

    When Runtime.exec() won't

    Make sure to go through all the sections and implement all recommendations.

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