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    Default java in cmd line :(


    im trying to write some build scripts for a java project. Anyway, it HAS to be in MS which has lead me through the pain of batch scripts.

    Anyway, if I do this:-

    java Main

    the program runs fine, however if I move up a dirrectory level and execute the command like this:-

    java classes\Main

    it comes up with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    anyone know why, and how to sort it?



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    It is about the Java classpath. Classpath is where the java program will try to find your class. In this case excute the java command with the -classpath options set to tell java where you classes are located.

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    Default Examples

    Hello Java2003.

    I have created two examples for another member who had the same problems as you. Study the thread and attachments and then things should be easier for you. ;)

    Good luck. :D
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