I will come out and say it: this is a project for school. I am not asking for source code to be given to me. Just general help.

I already did one assignment where i had to populate a menu bar using JFrames. Okie Dokie!

Second assignment asks me to use Frames and basically do the same thing by adding a menu bar and subItems to it.

I have emailed the professor on my misunderstanding between the two, and he just reiterated that one you use JFrames, the other assignment just use Frames.

I can't find any information on building a menu bar using Frames, just JFrames. My question to this community:

1.) What is the difference between the two? I know JFrames is backwards compatible and Frames are not. (The bulk of the information I have learned from 'googling' quite some time.)

2.) How is adding a menu bar and the subsequent items different from adding them to a Frame?

Thank you to everybody in advance.