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    Default java.lang.Math

    java.lang.Math is not an Abstract class. So, we should be allowed to makes its instance. When I try to do so, I get an error:

    Java Code:
    Math obj = new Math();
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: 
    	The constructor Math() is not visible
    Why it is so?

    - PEACE

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    Math has a private constructor - hence your error message - all its methods are static so there is never a need to instantiate on, e.g.

    Java Code:
    x = Math.sqrt(4);
    -- Hope that helps

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    Default Math constructor

    Hello eva

    It is not always necessary to make a class abstract to prevent it from being instanced. If you omit the constructor or give the constructor some protected access, you can also prevent it from being instanced. It is also possible for other classes to use a method to create an instance of that class without a constructor. For example:
    Java Code:
    java.util.regex.Pattern pattern = java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(".*");
    (Just played with Regex :D) I hope this helped. ;)
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