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    I really need this answer by tomorrow so I can turn it in im not understanding how to set it up so can you help me please

    You are given a list of students names and their test scores. Design an algorithm that does the following:?

    a. Calculates the average test scores.

    b. Determines and print the names of all the students whose test score is below the average test score.

    c. Determines the highest test score.

    d. Print the names of all the students whose test score is the same as the highest test score.

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    you can implement a class Student with the fields name and score and administer your students with a collection and then make your calculations and output for a. b. c. and d. within a loop. what java code do you have so far?
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    Moved from Advanced Java. Whatever made you think that a homework dump would in any way be considered an advanced question?

    Note that this is a forum, not a code mill nor do-your-homework service. Please go through How to ask questions the smart way and ask a smart question if you have one.

    Also, don't double psot and don't hijace another poster's thread. The post you made in has been removed.

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