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    Default Two content panes in one GUI?

    I have made a simple tic tac toe game... I used a grid which worked nicely for the board. However, I tried to add a label at the bottom to tell the user who won and to "Click to restart" but the text is confined to the space of one of the tic tac toe buttons...

    As of now, all the objects are in one content pane. I think I might need to use two content panes but I can't figure out how.

    There may be an easier solution that I haven't though of...

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    Java Code:
    JPanel gridPanel = new JPanel();
    // configure gridPanel...
    JLabel statusLabel = new JLabel();
    // configure statusLabel...
    JFrame f = new JFrame();
    Container cp = f.getContentPane();
    // Default layout of contentPane is BorderLayout
    // Add gridPanel to center of BorderLayout
    // Add statusLabel to south section of BorderLayout
    cp.add(statusLabel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

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