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    Default The Stock Class and JOptionPane

    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

    public class Stock {
    String symbol;
    String name;
    double currentPrice;
    double previousClosingPrice;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Stock stock = new Stock ("ABC","Name.",60,65);
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Symbol: " + stock.getSymbol(null)
    + "\n Name: " + stock.getName(null)
    + "\n Previous Closing Price: " + stock.getPreviousClosingPrice(null)
    + "\n Current Price: " + stock.getcurrentPrice(null)
    + "\n Percentage change in price: " + stock.changePercent());

    public Stock(){

    public Stock (String symbol, String name, double currentPrice, double previousClosingPrice){ = name;
    this.symbol = symbol;
    this.previousClosingPrice = previousClosingPrice;
    this.currentPrice = currentPrice;
    public String getSymbol(String symbol){
    return this.symbol;
    public String getName(String name){
    public double getPreviousClosingPrice(String previousClosingPrice){
    return this.previousClosingPrice;
    public double getcurrentPrice(String currentPrice){
    return this.currentPrice;
    public void setSymbol(String symbol){
    this.symbol = symbol;
    public void setName(String name){ = name;
    public void setPreviousClosingPrice(double previousClosingPrice){
    this.previousClosingPrice = previousClosingPrice;
    public void setcurrentPrice(double currentPrice){
    this.currentPrice = 60.0;
    public double changePercent(){
    return((previousClosingPrice - currentPrice) / previousClosingPrice)*100;


    //"This code provides a dialog box using the JOptionPane"
    //Jarris Alex

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    Default Re: The Stock Class and JOptionPane

    Removed from

    When you have a question, start a new thread. Don't hijack another poster's thread and don't post to threads that are long dead. Do you have a question, or were you adding your code to a thread where the question had already been resolved?

    The first response in the thread you posted this in mentioned formatting code correctly. Clearly, you ignored it. If you're going to respond to threads here, make sure to read the entire thread before posting.

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