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    Cool text file parser


    was wondering if there is a way to parse a text file in java? example:

    1) read in a text file (.txt, .ged, ect...)
    2) search for a specific parameter
    3) output the text file to a new file minus the parameter

    1) read in familytree.ged
    2) search and remove any line with http://......
    3) output the text to a new file familytree1.ged without the http://..... lines

    the 2 files would be the same except for the lines that have http://....... removed


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    Default Re: text file parser

    I think the Scanner class should do you want: Scanner (Java Platform SE 6).

    see the following methods:
    String next(Pattern pattern)
    String next(String pattern)

    Take a look at the examples in that same link.

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