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Thread: Java error

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    Default Java error

    My friend wanted me to post this, but this is the only Info he can give me, can anyone tell me what this error meens?

    Error occured during initialization of VM
    java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/object

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    Default Re: Java error

    The java program could not find a definition for the class named: object. Probably a spelling error. There is a class named: Object
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    Default Re: Java error

    Please learn to use a meaningful subject line. "Java error" isn't one.

    Have you or your friend gone through the API for that error? What did you read there?

    Also, why doesn't your friend come here and ask the questions him/herself? It's difficult enough to get adequate information on a problem to suggest a solution even without having to use a go-between.

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