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Thread: Graphs in Java

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiahalya View Post
    i have a problem in producing graphs .actually we are doing a project where the student marks are maintained .here we have to produce graphs to all the marks in different semisters.
    so i need code to produce graphs automatically when we have given inputs please ...i will be glad if some one helped in thatttttt..............hoping soooooo..............

    ....i just want to produce graphs for the data in database and should automatically changed when we change the marks..
    Please don't hijack someone else's old thread with your quesiton but rather if you have a question or problem, start your own thread for this. This is especially true for your question. If you took the time to read the original thread, you'll see that it has nothing to do with your current problem!

    Locking this thread.
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