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    Post shorten code

    The java-course has started at school, so I'm new to this...
    Java Code:
       JFrame frame = new VB0210();
        	frame.setTitle ("Oefening 10");
        	frame.setContentPane (paneel);
        	frame.setVisible (true);
    I just wonderd if this code could be shorted, in VB.NET we could use:

    Java Code:
    with openfiledialog
    .filter "TekstFile *.txt|.txt"
    .index = 1
    end with
    instead of always typing openfiledialog.filter or openfiledialog.index so I wonderd if there was also a method with java for doing this like
    Java Code:
     with frame
    .setTitle ("Oefening 10");
    end with
    Greetings :cool:
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    Default Not in books

    Hello Hypenate

    I have never seen this short hand notation in any Java books or Java websites. I am also interested if this is possible, but I don't think so. :p
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