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    Question Login system: multiple windows

    Hey there,
    I’m writing a program that administrates employees, time registration, projects, activities exc. for a given firm.

    Therefore it's necessary for me to have a proper login system with different levels of access. (employees, project leaders, CEO exc.).

    The login screen is a class with only the "Username" and "Password" textlines and a Jbutton "Login". And i made the different levels of acces with a "if/else"-statement caused by a usertype number.

    My best solution would be to assign each level of users their own window in their own class, so I do not have to look around in a 400 lines of code.

    My problem is now that I can not recall the various classes in my if / else statements cause they are in my login class.

    WindowBuilder is a good and smooth tool that I would love to learn bur when i create a new class with the WindowBuilder it creates a main class.
    I understand that I must remove the main class and keep only the main class in the login class.

    There was one who said I could use CardLayout but personally I believe that it's not the best option since I need 3/4 windows.

    Thank you for all the help I can get.
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    Default Re: Login system: multiple windows

    No, it's not exactly the same problem. If it had been the answers in the thread you posted in would have sufficed.

    When you have a question, get your own thread -- they're free. Don't post to a two-year old thread and don't hijack another poster's thread.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: Login system: multiple windows

    Ok, dont be mad, just figured it would have been alot easier to reply in that thread.

    Thanks for moving the question!

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