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    Default window search

    I want to create a program in JAVA of window search with following requirement

    1.input values :
    path of the folder to search,
    word which we have to find in that folder

    2. first thing to do is we have to reach on our directry folder which is provided to us as a input...may be there are no. of subfolders and files in that root folder...we have to create different thread for each subfolder under that directory...then we have to search that word under that folder,in subfolders and files...we also have to search that word under the subfolders as we will use the same thread here as we use for different subfolder...

    we have to search location and path of words present under that directory.........

    plz help me

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    Default Re: window search

    Can you post the code you are having problems with and explain what it does and what you want it to do?
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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