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Thread: Help - Reflection API

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    Default Help - Reflection API


    I'm a student from New Zealand, in my final year of my studies for my degree. My university however has some really useless tutors and I've found myself in a Java class with a tutor that can't teach.

    My first assignment marked a huge jump from the basics right into the more advanced parts of Java without any real lead up to it. I'm here hoping to get some help.

    The task I'm required to do is:

    Use the reflection API to generate .java source files from the .class file of any class. The class must:

    1. Be a derived class
    2. Contain a reference to an instance of another user-defined class
    3. Implement an interface
    4. Use a collection class

    Your application should generate the java source files in a seperate folder and produce an exact copy of the original java files excluding the method bodies that cannot be deduced from the name of the method.

    I'm fine with the creating the class but in terms of using the reflection API, I have no idea. So if anyone could help me out with the above question or point me in the right direction that would be great.


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