Hi, gurus, I really need some help with something at my work.

Ok, lets begin, they are asking me how to do something in Java. The information they give me is this, this is an array :

{ "reportingGroups": [ { "description" : "Total traffic", "absoluteLimits" :{ "bidirVolume" : [51,512,1024,1536,2048,2560,3072,3584,4096,4608,512 0], "resetPeriod" : { "volume": "monthly" } } } ]}

If you see the "bidirVolume has several values. Now below, there is this code which makes reference to one of those values:

((not(inRange(AccessData.subscriber.locationInfo.s gsnAddress,Sgsns["Home"].ips))) && (AccessData.subscriber.accumulatedUsage.reportingG roup["total"].isLimitSurpassed["bidirVolume"][5]))

If you see, the method "isLimitSurpassed" is doing reference to the ["bidirVolume"][5] value, which should be 2560.

The question is, how do I multiply the ["bidirVolume"][5] by 0.8 before the isLimitSurpassed method is executed on the value? I just need to multiply that value by 0.8, can somebody help me with this, please??