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    Default Credit() crediting customers account

    I need help figuring how to create a credit(double amount) method that credits a customerís account. It should not directly access the balanceOwed field, but use the charge() method with a negative number.

    XML Code:
    public class Customer {
    	private int customerID;
    	private double creditLimit;
    	private double balanceOwed;
    	private double Amount;
     * 3-arg constructor that creates a new customer
    public Customer (int customerID, double creditLimit, double balanceOwed){
    	this.customerID = customerID;
    	this.creditLimit = creditLimit;
    	this.balanceOwed = balanceOwed;
    	//adding the amount to the current balance owed.
    	public void charge(double amount ){
    	//a credit that credits a customer's account
    	public void credit(double amount){
    		this.Amount = amount;

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    Default Re: Credit() crediting customers account

    That sounds like it could work. Have you tried it? You will have to replace the current credit() method because the new one you want takes the same arguments and the compiler would not allow that.

    The charge class should not allow that sneaky way of changing the amount. It should test for valid values and throw an exception for invalid values.
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