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    Default Using a HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery website template, can't get the Java pop-ups to work

    This is a free template I am trying to adapt for a personal portfolio:
    Vivid Photo: Free Photography Template |

    I have edited the original template and uploaded it HERE
    This is the style.css:
    Link removed

    On the menu on the right, the template originally comes with three links - ME, MY WORK and CONTACT; when clicked, a Java pop-up shows the content of the links.

    However I need two more links - RESUME and REFERENCES.

    The pop-ups are defined in a separate file called pop-ups.js:
    Link removed

    I have added the respective code in pop-ups.js for the two additional menu entries that I need, and also in index.html so they show on the webpage,
    in style.css along with the code for the three pop-ups that work "out of the box".

    The problem is that after all done, when I click on ANY of the two new entries I added (be it References or Resume) - no pop-up shows...

    The two articles - References and Resume - are defined in index.html as such:
    Java Code:
        <article id="popupResume" class="popupResume">
            <a id="popupResumeClose">
        <article id="popupReferences" class="popupReferences">
            <a id="popupReferencesClose">
    Here is the modified section from style.css - I added just two entries in each line (popupResume and popupReferences, etc):
    Java Code:
        #popupAbout,#popupProjects,#popupResume,#popupReferences,#popupContact{height:600px;width:900px;overflow:auto;background-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75);border:2px solid #cecece;z-index:15;padding:20px;color:#FFF;-webkit-box-shadow:0px 0px 4px #000 inset;-moz-box-shadow:0px 0px 4px #000 inset;box-shadow:0px 0px 4px #000 inset;-webkit-border-radius:10px;-moz-border-radius:10px;-o-border-radius:10px;-ms-border-radius:10px;-khtml-border-radius:10px;border-radius:10px;margin-top:-50px;visibility:hidden}
        #popupAbout p,#popupProjects p,#popupResume p,#popupReferences p,#popupContact p{padding-left:10px;font-size:18px;line-height:20px}
        #popupAbout h1,#popupProjects h1,#popupResume h1,#popupReferences h1,#popupContact h1{text-align:left;font-size:30px;letter-spacing:1px;border-bottom:1px dotted #D3D3D3;padding-bottom:2px;margin-bottom:20px}
    And these are the two paragraphs I added to pop-outs.js:
    Java Code:
      var popupResumeStatus=0;
        function loadPopupResume(){if(popupResumeStatus==0){$("#popupResume").fadeIn("slow");
        popupResumeStatus=1}}function disablePopupResume(){if(popupResumeStatus==1){$("#popupResume").fadeOut("slow");
        popupResumeStatus=0}}function centerPopupResume(){var b=document.documentElement.clientWidth;
        var d=document.documentElement.clientHeight;
        var c=$("#popupResume").height();
        var a=$("#popupResume").width();
        var popupReferencesStatus=0;
        function loadPopupReferences(){if(popupReferencesStatus==0){$("#popupReferences").fadeIn("slow");
        popupReferencesStatus=1}}function disablePopupReferences(){if(popupReferencesStatus==1){$("#popupReferences").fadeOut("slow");
        popupReferencesStatus=0}}function centerPopupReferences(){var b=document.documentElement.clientWidth;
        var d=document.documentElement.clientHeight;
        var c=$("#popupReferences").height();
        var a=$("#popupReferences").width();

    I am not that good w/ Java so any help will be greatly appreciated, TIA!
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    Default Re: Using a HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery website template, can't get the Java pop-ups to wo

    That is Javascript and this is a Java forum.

    kind regards,

    Build a wall around Donald Trump; I'll pay for it.

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