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    Default Help Please. use of file reader

    Hello. I'm doing a homework assignment where im required to use switch statement and exceptions. II have to turn in three programs that use it in different ways and this is the first. Its compiling find put I get a exception at line 47
    Can anyone point out any errors?

    // Application CountPunct counts punctuation marks in a file
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class CountPunct
    public static void main(String[] args)
    throws FileNotFoundException
    FileReader file = new FileReader("Punct.dat");
    Scanner inFile = new Scanner(file);
    String line;
    char symbol;
    int periodCt = 0;
    int commaCt = 0;
    int questionCt = 0;
    int colonCt = 0;
    int semicolonCt = 0;
    int count;

    while (inFile.hasNextLine()) // Loop til end of data
    line = inFile.nextLine();
    count = 0;
    while (count < line.length())
    { // Loop til end of line
    symbol = line.charAt(count);
    // TO BE FILLED IN: count punctuation marks with a switch statement
    switch (symbol){
    case 1: symbol='.';
    periodCt = periodCt+1;
    case 2: symbol=',';
    commaCt = commaCt+1;
    case 3: symbol='?';
    questionCt = questionCt+1;
    case 4: symbol=':';
    colonCt = colonCt+1;
    case 5: symbol=';';
    semicolonCt = semicolonCt+1;
    case 6: System.out.println("No punctuations found.");
    // TO BE FILLED IN: output
    System.out.println("In file "+file+" there are "+periodCt+" period(s).");
    System.out.println("In file "+file+" there are "+commaCt+" comma(s).");
    System.out.println("In file "+file+" there are "+questionCt+" question mark(s).");
    System.out.println("In file "+file+" there are "+colonCt+" colon(s).");
    System.out.println("In file "+file+" there are "+semicolonCt+" semicolon(s).");
    the output im getting is below:

    In file there are 0 period(s).
    In file there are 0 comma(s).
    In file there are 0 question mark(s).
    In file there are 0 colon(s).
    In file there are 0 semicolon(s).
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    Default Re: Help Please. use of file reader

    Quote Originally Posted by knes167 View Post
    This is the output you get when a class does not override the toString method from the Object class. Perhaps you should print the filename instead.

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