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    In this lab you will build the beginnings of a Dice poker game. Dice Poker is played with 5 dice. The object of your game is to get the best poker hand after a deal & 3 draws. The game proceeds as follows:

    A window appears showing the 5 dice, 5 checkboxes and a Draw and New button and a labelbox showing the number of rolls left. Each die has a checkbox below it that controls when it is re-rolled. If the check box is checked, the die will be re-roll when the Deal/Draw button is pressed.

    The game starts and the Deal & New button are displayed.
    The player presses Deal
    All 5 dice are rolled
    Deal button label changes to "Draw" and becomes blue
    The player clicks on all of the checkboxes who's dice that should be re-rolled
    as a checkbox is clicked the spots on its die disappear
    After all dice to be re-rolled are identified, the Draw button is pressed and the blank dice are re-rolled and the # of draws left is decreased and displayed in the labelbox.
    The player can re-roll the dice 3 times. After the third re-roll,
    Draw Changes its label back to "Roll" and is inactive until the new button is pressed
    All check boxes are checked and the dice are set to blank
    When the New button is pressed, the draw button becomes active and a new hand can begin

    what would be a general outline for making this code?

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    Default Re: dice poker

    Quote Originally Posted by saina View Post
    what would be a general outline for making this code?
    Java Code:
    public class DicePoker {
      // your code goes here
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