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    Default Problem with array assignment

    I have been working in creating a B+ tree. I have certain problem in code. Please tell me what are the errors and how can I overcome it? I am giving the snippet where the error occurs.

    Java Code:
    class record
    			public int value;
    		class node
    			Object[] pointers ;
    			int[] keys;
    			node parent;
    			boolean is_leaf;
    			int num_keys;
    			node next;
    			record r;
                 node start_new_tree(int key, record pointer)
    		node root = d.makeleaf();
    		root.keys[0]=key;                                        // The error is here.It gives null pointer exception
    		root.pointers[0] = (Object)pointer;
    		root.pointers[order - 1] = null;
    		root.parent = null;
    		//System.out.println(root.keys[0]+" "+root.pointers[0]+" "+root.num_keys);
    		return root;
    When I use start_new_tree in my main,this gives nullpointer exception at the place mentioned.Can you tell me how to overcome this?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Problem with array assignment

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    Default Re: Problem with array assignment

    What variable is null?
    how to overcome this?
    To fix the problem, make sure the variable has a valid value.
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    Default Re: Problem with array assignment

    The only thing that can be null on that line is 'root'.
    As for why it is null, that is entirely down to the method 'makeleaf()', which we can't see.
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