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    Default Password validation help

    I have some code that currently checks for minimum and maximum length for user's password when they create or edit their password. I want to add something that will also require uppercase, lowercase, special char, and numeric. Any suggestions on what to add to this or where I can find some information or examples? I've been Googling and trying to add to this to add additional password requirements and have been unsuccessful.

    This is what I want to require.

    At least eight characters in length
    No more than 20 characters in length
    at least lower-case letter and one upper-case
    at least one special character from: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]{}|:";',./<>?
    at least one number [0-9] character
    Cannot match the account login name or email address

    My current password validation code

    public static final int MIN_PASSWORD_LENGTH = 8;
    public static final int MAX_PASSWORD_LENGTH = 20;

    public static boolean isAcceptablePassword(String password)
    return false;

    int len = password.length();

    return false;

    for(int i = 0; i < len; i++)
    char c = password.charAt(i);
    if (Character.isWhitespace(c))
    return false;

    return true;

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    Default Re: Password validation help

    Look around the FAQa of the site and discover how to post code so that it retains its formatting.

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    Default Re: Password validation help

    Use some boolean variables to keep track of all the features you want.
    Scan the String char by char and set the variables as each feature is found.
    At the end of the scan, check that all the required features have been found by testing the variables
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