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    Default Help reading file


    I'm having trouble getting one part of my program to work. I want this part of the program to load a file from the scanner input from a specific pathway when i type the file in instead of having to enter the whole pathway. I'm pretty sure its the correct pathway but it's not loading. Any tips? I'm not really sure whats wrong.

    Java Code:
    public static Scanner getinput()
    	String filein = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,"Enter Data file name","Input",JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE);		
    	File f = null;
    	if (f == null)
    		f = new File("Users\\brian\\Documents\\workspace\\blahblah\\src\\" + filein);
    	Scanner reader = null;
    		reader = new Scanner (f);
    	catch (FileNotFoundException e)
    			System.out.println("File not found. Please try again.");
    	return reader;

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    Default Re: Help reading file

    If that's a Windows path, it should start with a drive letter. If it's a Linux path, it should use forward slashes (/) not backslashes (\).

    The forward slashes also work for Windows, and don't require escaping.

    And it's meaningless to do a null test for f one line after you've declared it as null.

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    Default Re: Help reading file

    What error do you get?
    and this path is wrong: "Users\\brian\\Documents\\workspace\\blahblah\\src \\"

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    Default Re: Help reading file

    Or is Users a directory in the current directory when the program is executing?

    To see where the computer is looking for the file, print the file object's absolute path. See API doc for the correct spelling of the method to get the path.
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