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    Default HashMap with objects


    Trying to learn HashMap and have lots of questions, so please excuse my ignorance.

    I have two classes:

    Program is to do simple arithmetic, and write/read from file later on.

    So far this is what I have:

    Java Code:
    //Account class
    public class Account{
    		String customerAccount;
    		String customerName;
    		double customerBalance;
    	public Account(String customerAccount, String customerName,double customerBalance){ //Constructor
    		this.customerAccount = customerAccount;
    		this.customerName = customerName;	
    		this.customerBalance = customerBalance;
    	public String toString() {
    String output = customerAccount + " " +  customerName + " " + customerBalance;
    		 return output;
    	public double doDeposit(double newDeposit){
            //Purpose is to get the existing customer balance and add the new amount through input from joptionpane
    		Double output = customerBalance + newDeposit;
    		return output;
    Java Code:
    //HashMapDemo class
    import java.util.*;
    public class HashMapDemo {
    	int accountBalance = 100;
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        HashMap hm = new HashMap();
    	Account anAcct1 = new Account("12-12-12", "Joe", 600);
    	Account anAcct2 = new Account("45-45-45", "Jane", 500);
            //Account methods 
            Account methodAccount = new Account();
    	hm.put("100", anAcct1);
    	hm.put("200", anAcct2);
         System.out.println("Account number : " + hm);  
         System.out.println("\nMake a new dposit to account");
         [COLOR="Red"]//This is where I am stuck[/COLOR]
         // Function toString()
         System.out.println("Account number : " + hm);
    Thanks in advance

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    println method sees your "trouble code" as Object concatenated with double. You either need to force println to take all as string by,
    Java Code:
    Or use Object.toString() method by
    Java Code:
    One more thing .. you do have default constructor for Account class ..
    dont worry newbie, we got you covered.

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    As roots pointed out, HashMap stores everything as objects. So when you retrieve an object from HashMap, you need to cast it to the actual type.
    Sincerely, Your friends at

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