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    Question Any one know how to connect two clients via a server then pass the connection off.

    Hello peeps,

    my question is based upon a chat application like msn, msn used to have a problem with people beeing able to pull the ip from the person you were talking to. this lead to alot of webcam hacks and such.

    basically i want the server to handle the users ip's and setup a socket between the two IP's but i dont want the data going through the server to help with server load

    I want it this way to
    1. help with server load
    2. prevent ip hacking such as webcam hacks

    is this even possible?

    the only other option i can think of is,
    store a encrypted ip on server and have the client pull the ip when connecting to another user.

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    Default Re: Any one know how to connect two clients via a server then pass the connection off

    If you want the two clients to have a peer to peer connection, have one be a "server" and the other a "client". Have the "server" use a ServerSocket and have the client connect to the server. The client would need the "server"'s IP address.
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