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Thread: Null Object

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    Default Null Object


    Im trying to make my program print out "It is null" when a rectangle object(r1) hasn't been created,
    but I am getting the error: java.lang.NullPointerException instead of "It is null"

    Java Code:
    if( r1 != null  )
        System.out.println("It is null");
    Could someone please tell me what i've done wrong?

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    Default Re: Null Object

    Not sure I understand. If you do if (r1 != null), then you must have created an r1 object with r1 = new..." somewhere. Otherwise it should say that r1 can't be resolved and your program won't even compile. Or am I completely misunderstanding your question?

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    Default Re: Null Object

    I'm not sure about your error, but it appears that your code is written so that if r1 is NOT NULL, then print the statement. Are you sure you want your code to act this way?

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