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    Default arguments problem

    here's my main class

    class Objectsmultiplecnstrctrs {
    public static void main(String args[]){

    ObjectsForMultipleConstructors engg2=new ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(1);
    ObjectsForMultipleConstructors engg3=new ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(1,2);
    ObjectsForMultipleConstructors engg=new ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(1,2,3);


    and below is secondary class

    public class ObjectsForMultipleConstructors {
    private int hour;
    private int minute;
    private int second;

    public ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(int h){
    System.out.printf("give one ",+hour);

    public ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(int h,int m){
    System.out.printf("goddamn ",+m);
    public ObjectsForMultipleConstructors(int h,int m,int s){


    OUTPUT is give one goddamn guess

    Now the problem is i have declared int hour =h and value of h I assigned in the arguments in the main class,so im expecting the value of h which i defined to be displayed next to the text (System.out.printf("goddamn ",+m);) ,,but its not doing what i want it to do ,where im missing

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