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    Default name clash: equals(E) in and equals(java.lang.Object)

    I am getting this error but i don't know how to fix it

    name clash: equals(E) in and equals(java.lang.Object) in java.lang.Object have the same erasure, yet neither overrides the other
    I have created a generic sorted set and everything else works apart from the equals method which is in the comparator

    Here is the code in question
    Java Code:
    public Comparator<E> comparator(){
        	return new Comparator<E>() {
                public int compare(E obj1, E obj2) {
                    Node<E> node1 = (Node) obj1;
        			Node<E> node2 = (Node) obj2;
         			return node1.compareTo(node2.getContents());            
      			public boolean equals(E obj) {            	         	
            		if (!(obj instanceof OrderedLinkedList)) {
                        return false;
            		Node<E> newNode = (Node) obj;
            		return current.getContents().equals(newNode.getContents());
    I have included the files to create the sorted set. I have a Node class which creates a node object and the linked list class which implements the SortedSet interface with all of the methods overwritten
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