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    Default I was wondering if it is possible to record with Java

    I have recently started making Java applications but I wish to be able to make an application that is compatible with XBOX360 and other gaming systems so that i can record lets plays. I know that this will be difficult but i was mainly wondering if it is possible or has been created before, if so can you redirect me to were i can get it. The reason that i wish for this over capture card is my computer has difficulty with rendering videos. Thanks :D :D :D :D :D :D

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    Default Re: I was wondering if it is possible to record with Java

    Well if you can get XBOX 360 on your PC monitor, you could quite easily record it by taking screen captures and then saving the frames or creating a video of the frames and saving that.

    You will need to read about java Robot and using it to capture your screen:
    Robot (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
    Get a screen capture and save it as a JPEG - Real's Java How-to

    You should also have a basic understanding of the Java language:
    The Java™ Tutorials

    And you'll want to be able to convert frames into videos with Java,
    here is somewhere you could start:
    Writing AVI videos in pure Java | Werner Randelshofer's Blog

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