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    Default Password System help

    Ok I am working on a game which I would like to add a password System too .

    Here is what my screen looks like

    U= Up Button
    D= Down Button
    #= number
    // Just a guide for the picture

    U U U U

    # # # #

    D D D D

    Now this is what I want it to do

    I want to make it so when you click the first Up arrow only the first number goes up or if you click the down arrow only the first # goes down

    and the same thing for the other 3 Images I made

    This is what I have done

    I have it so the buttons change the correct int
    Add MouseClicked Since I used KeyPressed

    This is what I need

    All I need now is to check if the password is correct when they place in the password

    This was what I was trying


    //in run so it always checking

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    Default A place to start.

    Java Code:
    // Ok, very simple - for a game. No supercrunching or anything.
    // I suppose we could start like this:
    // A little complicated for a starter effort.
    class supercruncher 
        int[][] pwStore = new int[3][4];
            // conceptual - to be coded .....
            // We can unroll the loop for simplicity.
            for(pwStore.length) = passwordAsInt;
        // ..... other code here
        if(checkPassword(int suppliedValue))
            int loopControl = pwStore.length;
                // this next line is not correct
                if(pwStore.[--loopControl] == suppliedValue)
                    return true;
            while(loopControl > 0);
            return false;
    // This is ineffective - always checking is something one
    // would place in the run loop in a game

    Also, for four numbers - the way I have the array is incorrect. Several things in the code are indeterminate until you provide us some feedback....
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