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    Default Recursive method to sort array

    Hi. I have to write a method to sort an array of objects alphabetically. The method has to :
    1) Determine largest item in the list.
    2) Swap largest item in the list with the last item in the list.
    3) Call method recursively to sort the sublist of size n-1.
    My code, finds the largest value and swaps it with the last value. But when I add recursive call the program gives me the stackoverflowerror null.

    Here is my code.
    Java Code:
    public static void selectionSortRecursive(Comparable[] list, int n){
         if(n <= 1){} 
                Comparable temp;
                Comparable largest = list[0];
                int index=0;
                 for(int i = 0; i < n; i++){
                   if(largest.compareTo(list[i]) < 0){
                       largest = list[i];        
                       index = i;
                      temp = list[n-1];
                      list[n-1] = list[index];
                      list[index] = temp;
    Thank you for comments.

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    Default Re: Recursive method to sort array

    Try debugging the code by adding some println statements to see why it doesn't stop recursive calling.
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    Default Re: Recursive method to sort array

    Your indentation stinks; fix it and you'll find your mistake.

    kind regards,

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