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    Default How to store multiple user inputs - should be a simple answer but I am lost.

    How do I store a set of continuous values in Java? For example, if I needed a user to input various values in a non-sensical order, then have the user enter a sentinel value, how could I store the values entered without repeating:

    double Num1 = readDouble("Gimme a number:");
    double Num2 = readDouble("Gimme another number:");
    double Num3 = readDouble("Gimme another number:");
    ... etc

    In a sense I want to create a method that automatically assigns values to each new variable (NumX).

    Here is my code so far:

    Java Code:
    // The purpose of this program is to find the range of user inputted values. It will continue to read values until user inputs "0", at which //time the program will find the minimum and maximum values associated with that data set.
    import acm.program.*;
    public class FindRange extends ConsoleProgram {
    	public void run() {
    		println("This program finds the range of the numbers entered. Enter 0 when finished entering numbers. Do not enter 0 until finished.");
    		double userValue = 0;
    		getInput(); //Takes user input, saves input to a variable
    		findMin(); // Finds the minimum value from that set of variables
    		findMax(); // Finds the maximum value from that set of variables
    		dispMinMax(); // Displays min/max values for user.
    		private void getInput() {
    			 while (true) {
    				 double userValue = readDouble("Please insert values:");
    				 if (userValue == sentinel) break;
    				 // This is where I need help
    		                                // I'll get around to this part after I finish up getInput().
    		private void findMin() {
    		private void findMax() {
    		private void dispMinMax() {
    		private static final int sentinel = 0;

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    Default Re: How to store multiple user inputs - should be a simple answer but I am lost.

    automatically assigns values to each new variable (NumX).
    You will have to use an array or an arraylist to have new places to store what the user enters. The names of variables are assigned when you type in the source.
    Write a loop, read the user's input and store it into the array or arraylist.
    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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