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Thread: standard deviation in java

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    Default standard deviation in java

    standard deviation formula is standard deviation in java-c9e0adcb225ae01490f9da4430fcbfa5.png

    I've x-values in yArray[]
    and the code shows errors
    and ive almost broken my head

    Java Code:
    	    double avgT=0;
    	    double avgT2=0;
    	    double[] SD =new double[TotalLineCount/4];//totallinecount is the number of lines in my input text file 
    for(int j=0;j<TotalLineCount;j=j+4)
    	    	     for(int k=j+0;k<j+4;k++)   //for every 4 values, Standard Deviation is found
    	    	    	 avgT=ReadPlatInstance.yArray[k]+avgT;  //this is E(X^2)
    	    		     avgT2=(ReadPlatInstance.yArray[k]*ReadPlatInstance.yArray[k])+avgT2;  //this is E(X)
    	    		     System.out.println("\t k is "+k);	    		    
    	    	     SD[j]=Math.sqrt(((avgT2/4)-((avgT/4)*(avgT/4)))/((4)*(4-1)));  //this part shows wrong answer. i've checked with "stdev" function in excel.
    i would get relaxed for a second, if u tell me the error in the code

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    Default Re: standard deviation in java

    Quote Originally Posted by noobplus View Post
    i'd get relax a second if u temme the error in the code

    Please don't use non standard abbreviations in place of common words. This is a programming forum, not an SMS chat relay.

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