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    Default Implement Drag and Drop

    I am working on a board game which is a 8x8 grid with 5 images of different colours. The objects can swap as long as they are next to each other in a row or column. If the switch results 3 or more objects are same in a row or column, they will be removed. if the switch does not result in a match, the switch will not happen. when the object is removed, the board collapses so that the objects positioned above the removed one falls down to take its place and new one falls in to the top to fill in the spaces.

    I would like to know a good way to implement drag operation and falling down of the objects, Should I use layered pane?

    Any Ideas will help me.

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    Default Re: Implement Drag and Drop

    You have already asked this in your earlier thread. Don't double post the same question.



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