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Thread: Scope problem

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    Default Scope problem

    Hi !

    This is the first time im using custom downloaded packages and seems i have problem "adding" them correctly to my project.

    my project :
    ab . java
    xy . java - downloaded from

    libraries incl:
    json newest package

    The problem is : in and JSONExceptions are thrown, seems ok to me, but wont compile . The error message is
    " required java.lang.Throwable found net.sf.json.JSONException" . java.lang.Throwable is a super class of JSONException, so i should be able to
    throw JSONException here.
    Theres also a problem in XMLTokener class, which is a direct subclass of JSONTokener, it cant find the method " boolean end()"
    inherited from JSONTokener. What am i missing ?

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