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    Default Why String is immutable in java?


    I am Harikrishan.

    please any one tell me.

    string is immutable in java why?
    i know string is immutable in java and meaning of immutable.

    but why string is immutable in java.

    please help me.

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    Default Re: Why String is immutable in java?

    For one thing: a String couldn't serve as a key in a Map<String, ?> nor can substrings share their char buffers.

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    Default Re: Why String is immutable in java?

    Also, how would using String literals make sense? What happens if you do this?

    Java Code:
    System.out.println("cats"); //prints cats, okay
    "cats".add(" and more cats"); //since Strings are mutable, this appends the String?
    System.out.println("cats"); //this now prints out something other than the literal?
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