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    Default Compile-time Polymorphism or Run-time Polymorphism ?

    Hi everyone,

    please check out the following code first: (I defined an anonymous inner class here)
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    class Popcorn {
    public void pop() {
    class Food {
    Popcorn p = new Popcorn() {
    public void pop() {
    System.out.println("anonymous popcorn");

    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    In this case, is it a compile-time polymorphism or a run-time polymorphism when the anonymous inner class is involved ?
    Does the compiler know which pop() method to call at the compile-time?
    Is there any way I can see if it is happening at compile-time or run-time?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Default Re: Compile-time Polymorphism or Run-time Polymorphism ?

    What happens when you compile and execute the program?

    The javap command will disassemble the class file so you can see what the compiler generated.

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