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    Question How to (.wav into .txt) & (.txt into .wav) help me

    i am new to java
    I need your help on encryption and decryption of audio,
    i wants to encryption (audio into .txt) and decryption(.txt into audio) audio file.
    Any one can give me the link about this tutorial, or can you forward any sample code about this,
    i am seeking to find out the way my helpers..,
    thank you..,
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    Default Re: about "encryption & decryption of audio" Guide Me please

    When you say text, what do you mean? Mapping the bytes in the audio file to characters and back again? That isn't exactly encryption, but would be doable. You could just read one byte at a time and cast it to a char and write it back out. If you open an audio file in a text editor, it does automatically, and you'll get a whole bunch of nonsense characters (which are literally the audio data bytes interpreted as characters). Try it!

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