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    Default CSV handler/parser included?


    Is there a way to handle CSV files in Java that is already included (i.e. that I wouldn't have to make myself)?
    My TA for this class recommended using CSV files to store the information needed for this assignment, but that isn't the goal of the assignment (in fact it's not being taken into consideration for our grade at all) ... so I don't really want to build a CSV handler if I don't need to.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: CSV handler/parser included?

    There is no CSV file parser or formatter in the core Jave classes (that I know of), and so you'll need to either build your own primitive CSV handler or download a more complete handler the latter which will work better with more complex CSV files, including those with commas nested inside quotes. On the other hand the core classes have many libraries that can handle XML quite well including and especially JAXB.

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    Default Re: CSV handler/parser included?

    I've used Steven Ostermiller's CSV utilities in the past and they seem to be robust and handle quirks like Microsoft's implementation.

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