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    Default bufferedReader (or alternative)? Help!

    Ok, have to read a file over the network. The way I'm going about the project I'm splitting the file into strings, placing the strings into an array. The strings are separated by '%' so I'm using that as my delimiter. I'm using bufferedreader. If the strings are 1 lines, everything is fine


    the brown fox ran quickly.

    the brown fox ran quickly.

    however if the strings are multiple lines, only the last line gets returned.


    the brown fox ran quickly.
    the red fox ran quicker.
    the orange fox was even faster.

    the orange fox was even faster.

    hopefully that makes sense? question is i know buffered reader reads at a line at a time, so it seems by design it SHOULD only be printing the last line prior to the delimiter, but how can I make it read/output ALL the lines up until the previous delimiter? Is bufferedreader what I should be using for this? Possibly something else would work better?

    Thanks much in advance!

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